We’ve all had our fair share of rental woes or housing no’s.

But none quite stacks up to one Oak Bay home owner after their house in the 2100 block of Bartlett Drive was listed for sale without their consent.

On March 2nd, police says a neighbor walking by the house noticed the realty sign and contacted the actual owner of the residence.

Apparently, someone purporting to be the owner was in contact, by email, with a property management company’s representative in early February.

With no real proof of identification (i.e. A driver’s license), the suspect said they were the real homeowner with a new email and phone number, then signed the email in the name of the actual property owner.

Later that month, the suspect requested a property evaluation from the property management company representative who referred the suspect to a local realtor

The realtor completed an evaluation and upon the email request of the suspect, the house was listed for sale.

The suspect provided a fraudulent passport and health care card of the actual owner, and then the house was listed and showings to potential buyers followed.

In order for any offers for purchase to actually go through, an appointment with a Canadian lawyer would have to be arranged.

On March 2nd, the homeowner of the residence contacted the realtor to revoked the listing after the neighbours informed them.

The suspect has not been identified and Oak Bay Police have concluded the investigation.

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