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For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a very isolating experience.

But for seniors in care homes across the region – many who relied on visits from loved ones that came to an abrupt halt due to provincial health restrictions – that isolation was multiplied ten fold.

Kristy Beldeuré wanted to do something to help the seniors of Victoria to combat that feeling, and an idea was born – partnering with preschools and their adorable attendees to create art to bring to care homes around the region, brightening the halls, walls and spirits of those who lived within.

“My hope is to bring a smile to seniors’ faces,” Kristy told Victoria Buzz.

“And help everyone feel less alone during this trying pandemic. I want the seniors to know that their communities care about them.”

Parkdale Childcare was one of those preschools, and the centre decided to create an entire St. Patrick’s Day themed art installation dedicated to the cause, which would eventually be sent off to long-term care home The Heights in Saanich.

For two weeks, the childcare centre’s kids created approximately 240 pieces of personalized art – one for each of the residents at their chosen care home, The Heights – to be delivered just before the international day of luck.

(Parkdale Childcare)

The art was created lovingly, some pieces with inspirational sayings and others with handwritten signatures from the children.

(Parkdale Childcare)

Parkdale’s manager, Chalcea Malec tells Victoria Buzz that when they discussed the idea of making the art for the seniors with the children, they learned that some of them knew that the pandemic (the virus) has kept them from being with their grandmas and grandpas.

“They knew that their art would make them happy,” says Chalcea.


(Parkdale Childcare)

“Given that we are all seeing a light at the end of the pandemic ‘storm’, we thought a rainbow motif would be most appropriate.  Our goal was to create one piece of art for each of the 240 residents.  That’s a LOT of rainbows!”

Aaron Nelson, pictured above at The Heights, was clearly delighted to receive the artwork for seniors and spread the joy in art form to all of the residents.

If the children’s creations brought just one smile to their faces, we would consider all of their hard work very much worth it.

(Parkdale Childcare)

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