(Beacon Hill Park/Facebook)

A man with an extensive criminal history and outstanding warrants was arrested by VicPD in Beacon Hill Park this week.

VicPD were patrolling the park Wednesday afternoon when they spotted a fire in the gravel area – an area where fires are not permitted.

They discovered the man wanted on warrants for assault sitting next to the fire. Police also said he was failing to comply with court-ordered conditions and breaching a court order.

The man’s warrants stem from two incidents which include:

  • Replica firearm seized after store employee assaulted during the theft

    On May 20th of last year,  VicPD were called to a report of a theft and assault at a store in the 1600-block of Hillside Avenue. The man allegedly assaulted a store employee who confronted him after a theft. 

    The employee suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the attack. When officers arrested the man, they discovered that he was in possession of a replica firearm, in breach of court-ordered conditions stemming from a previous conviction.The man was arrested, the replica firearm seized, and he was released on additional conditions pending a future court date.

  • Staff member assaulted after theft 

    In the second incident, on November 13th last year,  VicPD were called to a restaurant in the 100-block of Douglas Street for a report of a disturbance and an assault.

    Officers arrived and discovered that the man, who was staying in Beacon Hill Park, had attended the restaurant and allegedly stolen food.

    When confronted by staff, the man allegedly caused a disturbance and assaulted an employee by spitting at them, despite the dangers of COVID-19 transmission.

    The man was taken into custody after a brief struggle with officers. He was released with additional conditions and a future court date.

The man has an extensive history of previous criminal convictions for assault, assault with a weapon, theft, mischief, being unlawfully at large, obstructing police, and breaching court-ordered conditions.

Warrants were issued for the man after he breached his court-ordered conditions.

He was arrested and held for his court appearance.

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