Police Oak Bay
(Photo by Sheenagh Morrison/Facebook)

Sometimes, we look in the mirror and we don’t recognize the person staring back at us; it’s as if we’re somehow living in someone else’s shoes.

Other times, we’re just simply in a stranger’s house.

For one man, that sentiment rings even more true after last week.

On Tuesday April 20th, at 1:43 am, Oak Bay police responded to a break and enter on Rutland Road.

According to the report, a young man, who appeared disoriented and confused, was confronted by homeowners.

The man stated he must be in the wrong house, and without incident, exited through the front door. The suspect was not aggressive and did make any threats towards the homeowners, nor did he take any property.

Police said that he was believed to have entered the home through an unlocked door.

The area was checked, but police were unable to locate the man.

Oak Bay police reiterated that residents should lock exterior doors to their homes, especially at night.

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