(Victoria Buzz)

Last week, a group of protestors in Fairy Creek filed a notice to appeal a court-ordered injunction from April 1st.

The Rainforest Flying Squad (RFS) argued that the court erred on the side of the Teal-Jones Group, which will effectively allow the logging permits in Fairy Creek to go ahead and the RCMP to enforce it.

In a statement to their website, RFS argued that the decision by Justice Verhoeven on April 1st should be set aside. They assert that the public interest was not properly balanced in the decision.

Verhoeven said that the public interest at stake is upholding the rule of law and enjoining illegal behaviour.

As per the terms of the order, Verhoeven had determined that police enforcement terms would be required, writing that it appeared unlikely the injunction would otherwise be respected by the blockaders.

Still, the protestors have remained. No action has yet been taken by police or by the Surrey-owned logging company.

“It is time to recognize that the public interest in this case far outweighs the profit-making ability of a single entity and government,” said RFS in a statement.

In April, the City of Victoria Council signaled a motion calling on the Government of British Columbia to immediately defer logging in all high-productivity old-growth forests on Vancouver Island.

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