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The Capital Regional District (CRD) is moving ahead with their plan to clean up Elk and Beaver lakes.

Together with the BC government, the CRD is moving forward to purchase an oxygenation system for Elk and Beaver Lakes.

The province has contributed $750,000 to help clean up the two lakes along the Pat Bay Highway.

The CRD will be responsible for the system and ongoing maintenance costs associated with the project.

Both lakes have suffered regularly from blue-green algae blooms which are harmful to humans and pets when ingested, sometimes leading to lethal liver damage to dogs.

The oxygenation system will help reduce blue-green algae blooms and improve the health and quality of both lakes and the ecosystems surrounding the areas.

“This, in combination with watershed management, can help protect this ecosystem and ensure it continues to be a beloved recreation spot for generations to come. We thank the Province and Minister Popham for awarding this grant and for working together with the CRD in our region,” said Colin Plant, board chair of the CRD.

According to the province, more than 1.5 million people visit Elk and Beaver lakes each year.

The City of Langford went through something similar with Langford Lake and installed an aerator to combat the problem.

Now, Langford Lake boasts plenty of aquatic activities and fishing.

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