‘Jesus take the wheel’ took on a whole new meaning after one woman miraculously went unscathed when her brakes stopped working on a highway near Nanaimo.

On Saturday August 21st, Parksville’s BC Highway Patrol (BCHP) were conducting speed enforcement on Highway 19 near Nanoose Bay when a grey 1999 Ford Escort was observed travelling north 35 kph over the speed limit.

While the car drove past, officers noticed the driver had her hands off the wheel, and was gesturing wildly.

An officer quickly caught up to the car and realized it did not have brakes.

Maneuvering his car in front of the speeding vehicle, the officer was able to safely bring the vehicle to a stop without any injuries or damage.

After the stunt, things took a turn when the 33-year-old woman curiously provided a name which officers quickly determined was false.

The officers also discovered the woman was prohibited from driving and had outstanding warrants for her arrest. She was handed a three-day immediate roadside prohibition after a mandatory roadside breath test.

After even further investigation, it was determined the vehicle did not belong to her, the license plates did not belong to the car, and the operating hand and foot brakes did not work.

According to RCMP, the woman had passed through several red lights in Nanaimo.
The woman was served numerous violation tickets and released from custody for a future court date in Nanaimo. The vehicle was impounded.

The BCHP are currently investigating the case.

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