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BC residents concerned over growing cost to live in province (POLL)


According to a recent poll of 800 British Columbians by Research Co., BC residents have a growing concern over being able to afford to live here.

Since the BC New Democratic Party (NDP) formed the provincial government four years ago, three-in-five people (59%) found that it has become harder to make ends meet.

74% of British Columbians polled said that buying a house is harder than it was in 2017, and 63% felt the same about saving for retirement; and roughly half thinking paying for post-secondary education and finding a job are more difficult than before the provincial NDP.

Seven-in-ten British Columbians (71%) believe the housing situation in the province is worse now than it was in 2017, and a majority (53%) feel the same way about taxation.

Both Canadians (14%) and British Columbians (19%) polled in June 2021 identified housing, homelessness, and poverty as pressing issues in Canada.

“The concerns about the high cost of living in British Columbia are significant across the political spectrum,” says Mario Canseco, President of Research Co.

“Majorities of residents who voted for the BC Green Party (70%), the BC NDP (59%) and the BC Liberals (55%) in last year’s provincial election state that making ends meet is more difficult now than in 2017.”

With a majority of BC residents polled expressing their concerns over being able to afford their residency, how do they feel about the BC NDP’s leadership?

Well, a third of British Columbians (33%) believe it’s too early to judge Horgan’s accomplishments as premier, while 26% think he has done very little and 21% have felt he has accomplished much in his four years as premier.

For expectations, half polled believe he’s performed to the degree they expected, 20% believe he’s performed better and 19% feel he is worse than what they envisioned his premiership since 2017.

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