At the beginning of September, thousands of unmasked demonstrators gathered in cities across BC and other parts of the country to protest mandatory vaccination policies.

In many places, government buildings saw large crowds with anti-government, anti-vaccine and anti-vaccine passport signage.

However, hospitals were also targeted, blocking important streets and emergency access.

During those protests, Island Health workers in Nanaimo were verbally abused as they came and left work and one health-care member was physically assaulted.

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Today, with the vaccine passport mandate coming into effect in BC, health care worker u/AthenaInAction took to Reddit to express their frustration with the anti-vaccine and anti-vaccine passport protestors.
“Thank you for the love from our emergency services brothers + sisters” they wrote.

The thread then included footage from Victoria General Hospital of a procession of police cruisers and firetrucks blaring their sirens and horns in support of those in health care working to keep us safe and healthy.

You can view the video here!

As of this publication, there are 281 people admitted to hospital due to COVID-19 in BC, 135 of those are currently in critical care.

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