Monday, July 22, 2024

Esquimalt cafe closes business in protest over BC vaccine card


A business in Esquimalt has decidedly walked out and closed their business today in protest over the BC Vaccine Card that is expected to launch September 13th.

The owners of the cafe have also joined the protest currently taking place on the lawns of the BC legislature over the vaccine mandate.

Sunnyside Cafe, a breakfast and lunch restaurant, took to their Instagram to announce the walkout.

In the post, Sunnyside Cafe cites the provincial vaccine passport mandate and the freedom of choice as their reasons they are closing their business today.

The walk-out is over the proof of vaccination requirement for people attending certain recreational settings, like going to restaurants, that will begin September 13th in BC.

In an Instagram post from two days ago, Sunnyside Cafe made clear their position that they are not “anti-vax” but rather “pro-choice” and expressed that they have received plenty of support from both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

“Our industry is being forced to enforce this mandate in order for people to gain access to our services,” Sunnyside cafe wrote on their Instagram.

“We find this very disheartening that we must enforce this and potentially block access to people who do not wish or cannot for any reason provide proof of a vaxx.”

The Freedom to Work rally is scheduled to go until 2 p.m. today. Photos from the protest show over a hundred people attending.

Sunnyside Cafe will open tomorrow for regular service.

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