(Joseph Horne & Sheila Thomas/BCLC)

When Joseph Horne realized he had won $675,000 with BCLC’s Set for Life, he dropped to his knees and started to laugh. 

Horne and his wife purchased the ticket from Royal Oak Country Grocer and were together at home when the ticket was scratched and the win was revealed. 

“I started scratching and recalled thinking it was teasing me with all doubles,” Horne explained, “I got to the sixth game, took a breather… held my breath, and that’s when I got three matches!”

Horne dropped to his knees and began to uncontrollably laugh. 

Upon seeing this, Horne’s wife, Sheila Thomas, asked her husband what was happening.

“He said there were three matches and I said ‘no way,’” Thomas explained. “I used my BCLC Lotto! app to check it, heard the winning music, and ran upstairs to tell my mom while screaming ‘We are set for life!’” 

When asked how the couple plans to spend their earnings, Horne described purchasing a lawn mower for work as well as a bigger vehicle.

The couple also dreams of building a lacrosse box in the community.

Horne and his wife aren’t the only lucky Vancouver Island residents celebrating a recent Lotto win. 

Last week, two co-workers in the Comox Valley were shocked to learn they had won half a million dollars.

Deborah Banks and Dale Miller picked up a ticket for the August 20th Lotto Max draw and won $500,000 after they matched 4/4 numbers to win the top Extra Prize.

The co-workers purchased the ticket at the Buckley Bay Beachcomber. 

Upon scanning the ticket from home on the BCLC Lotto! App, Banks called Miller to share the good news.  

“My first thoughts were, ‘it’s a joke, it’s too early in the morning for this,’” Miller said.

Banks and Miller regularly purchase tickets together, usually picking numbers that are meaningful to them. This time, however, the ticket was a Quick Pick. 

To celebrate, the friends treated their families to dinner. Both dream of paying off their mortgages and saving for retirement. 

And if you’re feeling lucky, Lotto Max is heating up with a $70 million jackpot up for grabs tonight! 

Additionally, there are an estimated 13 Maxmillions also being drawn which means lottery players across the province will have a chance to play for $83 million in total prizes!

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