Members of a Vancouver Island nation have created a video game meant to preserve and teach children about their culture.

Ditidaht Kids is an interactive video game with 12-levels designed to help kids, between ages three and six, to learn and play games involving Ditidaht traditions, Ditidaht traditional territory, and listen to songs emphasizing diiʔdiiʔtidq language.

Thanks to the Ditidaht First Nation and generous contributions from the First Peoples Cultural Council, the game was consulted on by elder teachers, knowledge keepers, fluent speakers, historians and parents to ensure the game honours the Ditidaht ways.

Now available on Google Play and Apple stores, the game began in 2020, and came to fruition with the help of various voice actors, songwriters, historians, researchers, and people who maintained the cultural design of the Ditidaht within the game.

This is another in the number of ways that the Ditidaht First Nation have been preserving and sharing their culture.

Recently, the school’s language department encouraged Ditidaht language fluency by offering free classes online.

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