(District of Saanich/Facebook)

Another Vancouver Island municipality has announced full vaccination will be required as a condition of employment within it. 

In October, the CRD and the BC Public Service Agency, along with many other organizations announced employees must be vaccinated in order to continue working within them. 

These announcements also included federal public servants in core public administration including the RCMP, Correctional Services, Canada Border Service agencies and many more.

Now, as of December 13th, all District of Saanich employees will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to continue employment. 

The District of Saanich said they have implemented this measure to protect the health and safety of both their employees and the surrounding community. 

Saanich employees will be required to provide proof of full vaccination to their employer by December 13th. 

Accommodations will be made for the few employees who are unable to be vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons. 

“Saanich is committed to the health and safety of its staff and the community. This vaccine requirement will protect 1,800 employees working across our municipal facilities as well as the community members we interact with,” said Saanich Chief Administrative Officer Paul Thorkelsson,

“This requirement aligns with advice from the provincial health officer and similar policies recently implemented by other municipalities and large employers across the province.”

According to the release by the District of Saanich, elected officials are not subject to the vaccination mandate as it is an employee policy.

However, all members of Saanich Council will voluntarily follow the policy and have confirmed they are fully vaccinated.

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