Image: Westjet arriving at Victoria International Airport (kentstevenson / Instagram)

British Columbians can now download the federal vaccine passport for travelling within Canadian and international borders.

The federal passport is available through the BC vaccine card website.

Starting October 30th, 2021, this proof of vaccination will be required when travelling in Canada by air, rail or cruise ship. Though, the BC vaccine card will be accepted as a travel passport until November 30th.

In order to travel, one must have two doses of any federally approved COVID-19 vaccines, with the second dose administered at least 14 days before travel.

Canadians who are not fully vaccinated must complete testing requirements and mandatory quarantine when returning to Canada.

Beginning November 8th, Canadians fully-immunized will be permitted to travel to the US. Air travellers will still be required to produce a negative COVID-19 test to travel.

The federal proof of vaccination does not replace BC’s vaccine card; that passport will still be used in order to enter venues or restaurants across the province.

BC residents can request their BC Vaccine Card or Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination online here.

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