RCMP Cruiser Generic
(file photo)

RCMP arrested a Victoria woman after she threatened to stab BC ferries staff members with a knife.

On Saturday October 9th, officers responded to the Swartz Bay ferry terminal over an allegation that a woman tried to rob another passenger of their cell phone.

According to RCMP, an altercation took place and a BC Ferries employee got involved when the victim refused to give the woman their phone.

The woman threatened to stab members of the BC Ferries staff and ultimately fled on foot from the terminal.

Responding officers received a separate call that the same woman was attempting to break into a residence in the nearby Lands End area.

Police made contact with the woman and were able to de-escalate the situation—the woman relinquished the knife and officers were able to arrest her without further incident.

RCMP are recommending several charges including robbery, mischief, assault with a weapon, and break and enter.

“The officers in this situation used good judgement and relied upon sound de-escalation techniques to address a very agitated individual. I am glad to report that this situation was resolved without anyone being harmed,” said Corporal Andres Sanchez.

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