Every year in Canada, thousands of motor vehicle accidents are caused as a result of distracted driving.

According to a new study by Hellosafe.ca, 21% of road fatalities in Canada are caused by incidents of distracted driving, resulting in $102.3 million dollars for motorists and car insurance companies.

Unfortunately, British Columbia was ranked the province with the most incidents of distracted driving in the country. 

With more than 35% of motor vehicle accidents in the province caused by distracted driving and 78 deaths every year, British Columbia comes in behind Quebec, Ontario and Alberta in the rankings. 

Not only does BC rank among the two most severe provinces regarding distracted driving, we also distribute some heavy fines for doing so.


Getting caught for using your mobile phone while driving comes with a minimum $620 fine. With repeat infractions, this fine can double. 

Currently, Ontario has the highest maximum penalty in Canada, with repeated infractions reaching up to $3000.

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