A GoFundMe has been launched for a Walmart security guard in his 60s who was stabbed multiple times while at work last week.

The suspect who was wearing a purple wig and a medical mask at the time, was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

According to the GoFundMe, Ron, whose last name was not released, was working with his wife Leanne at the time of the incident.

Leanne initially spotted the suspect and asked him to leave the store. That is when he produced a knife and stated that he would stab her.

She increased her distance from the suspect and radioed her husband Ron who came around the corner, unknowingly face to face with the individual.

Moments later he was assaulted and stabbed multiple times with a large straight blade, the GoFundMe read.

“He was very fortunate. One of the wounds, in his upper chest, collar bone could have proven fatal,” said the GoFundMe.

“Several other deep laceration were in his upper left arm – one cut through his brachial artery. He was wearing a stab proof vest, and the assailant did everything he could to stab around it.”

Ron was able to push the suspect in his 30s away, however, the man allegedly continued into the store, stole three large screen TV’s before exiting through a side fire exit.

Leanne and a couple good Samaritans — one an ER nurse — immediately rendered first aid and applied a tourniquet to Ron’s arm.

The suspect initially got away, but police were able to identify and arrested him around 5 p.m. the same day.

In a media statement last week, police said the suspect remains in custody awaiting an appearance in court.

“While it is assumed that Ron will be entitled to WCB, the same isn’t certain about Leanne. And while their employer (me) is doing all we can to support both of them—we figured it would be valuable to start a campaign to support both of them, so Leanne can stay at home and look after Ron while he heals and gets himself back together,” said Vali Majd.

“Ron has been a valuable member of our community- he is passionate about his work and cannot wait to get back on the ground. However, this is the time for him and Leanne to process their ordeal and not worry about financial pressures- especially as we approach the holiday season.”

As of this publication, $2,455 of the $10,000 goal has been raised.

Click here to donate today.


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