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The pandemic was prime time for kitten and puppy picking.

A lot of cats and dogs were given new names in 2021, in no small part due to soaring pet adoption rates and additional time spent at home due to the pandemic.

Rover.com — the world’s largest online marketplace for pet care — unveiled its ninth annual report of the year’s most popular dog and cat names, along with the latest trends.

Pet owners are looking to pop culture, the pandemic, sports, and more for inspiration when naming their cats and dogs.

Rover analyzed millions of pet names submitted by owners and found many familiar titles to craft their report.

The most popular COVID-inspired dog names in 2021 were Covi and Rona, with Rona making the list for the first time along with Fauci. For our feline friends, 2021 put the cat names Delta and Zoom on the map.

These were the top female dog names:

Luna has taken the top spot for female dog names this year, moving last year’s favourite, Bella, to the number two spot. Lucy and Daisy also swapped places this year, with Daisy taking third and Lucy taking fourth in the ranking. New to the top five this year is Lola, replacing last year’s fifth place contender, Molly.

These were the top male dog names:

Charlie tops the list of male dog names again this year, while Milo edged out Max for second place. After Max in third is Leo, which moved from fifth place last year to fourth place in 2021. Last but not least, Rocky rounds out the top five list in fifth place.

These were the top female cat names:

Luna and Bella top the most popular female cat names again this year, in first and second places respectively. Lily beat out Lucy for third place, pushing Lucy to fourth, and new to the top five this year is Daisy in fifth place.

These are the top male cat names:

Charlie has found his way to the top of the male cat names list this year, taking first place away from Milo who now sits in third. Leo moved from fourth place last year to second place this year, while Oliver slid from second down to fourth to take Leo’s former spot. Rounding out the list in fifth place is a new name to the top five this year: Jack.

To see the full list of trending names, click here.

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