It’s just about time to drop those drawers for a good cause.

We’re talking about WildPlay’s annual Naked Bungy Jump event, of course, which returns this March for its 16th year.

On March 5th and 6th, nearly 200 people will strip down to nothing and bungy jump from the 150-foot bridge at WildPlay Nanaimo—and it’s in support of Vancouver Island’s Mental Health Recovery Partners.

Since the popular event was born, over 2,200 adults have taken part in the Naked Bungy Jump, raising over $300,000 to enable mental health support for over 33,000 people and be a voice against stigma.

Last year alone, this event raised over $40,000 in registration fees, donations, and pledges. The awareness and funds generated help lessen the stigma of mental illness and support over 4,000 people directly impacted by schizophrenia through MHRP’s programs.

This March, they hope to repeat their success—and they’re taking registrations now!

“We are excited to be hosting the Naked Bungy Event for the 16th year and working with MHRP to break down the stigma around mental illness” says Tom Benson, CEO of WildPlay.

“WildPlay’s goal is to promote self-confidence by providing opportunities to step outside of your comfort zone and dissolve self-perceived barriers, which is why we find this to be such a suitable occasion. This is a great event that allows us to have fun while bringing awareness to an important cause and create positive change”.

It all goes down at WildPlay Element Parks in Nanaimo, where the 150-foot Bungy Jump bridge opens early to welcome the especially-brave group of participants. 

Space is limited to people aged 18 years and over, and participants can jump naked at a pre-registered rate of $55, OR jump for free, as long as they raise over $200!

Do you have what it takes?

WildPlay’s Naked Bungy Jump

  • When: March 5th and March 6th
  • Where: WildPlay Nanaimo, 35 Nanaimo River Road
  • To register: Register online or by calling 1-855-595-2251