(ABC News)

After inserting an image of BC’s Legislature in place of Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, this American news outlet may have left some of its viewers confused.

On Friday, an ABC News segment—Ottawa police begin arresting protesters, clearing streets—briefly showed an image of BC’s Parliament Buildings in Victoria as the caption below read “Crackdown at Canada’s Capital.”

The mishap came as the “Freedom Convoy” remained in Ottawa—a protest that started in response to the federal government’s vaccine mandate for Canadian cross-border essential workers, including truckers.

By Sunday afternoon, Ottawa Police said that they were continuing to clear local streets. Police said 191 arrests had been made and close to 400 charges laid, with 79 vehicles towed in relation to the convoy.

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit says it’s also investigating two recent police-involved incidents in Ottawa, including a woman who was reportedly seriously injured after an interaction with a police horse.

Another protest in downtown Victoria:

The honking rolled in as crowds protesting mandates once again gathered out front of BC’s Legislature for the fourth weekend in a row—in solidarity with protesters in Ottawa.

It prompted VicPD to close off a section of Belleville Street between Douglas and Menzies Streets while temporarily deploying CCTV cameras in public areas.

VicPD also noted that any dangerous or unlawful acts would be met with de-escalation and enforcement, according to a Friday media release.

At the same time, counter-protesters were helmed by the group Save Our City: Convoy Go Home! and gathered near Victoria’s City Hall with signs denouncing the convoy.

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