(screen grab / Reddit video)

Ten days after the incident went viral, the BC Conservation Officer Service (COS) continues to investigate a report of an eagle shot from a boat near Victoria.

A video posted to Reddit on February 5th by user peteyhadnohead shows a boat circling the Saanich Inlet and shooting an alleged eagle.

“I saw a boat take two shots at something in the water,” the Reddit user wrote. “I started filming, and they circled what appears to be an eagle in the water and took another gunshot from the boat.”

“Two eagles flew away at the same time. You can see a large wing rise from the water after the third shot,” they added.

After it was published, peteyhadnohead’s video was met with many online reactions and comments. 

“This is awful. To make matters worse, nesting season is around the corner for them, and the pairs mate for life,” said one Reddit user.

“This is illegal as well as immoral,” added another.

In a Monday, February 14th update, the COS told Victoria Buzz that it could not determine what species was shot.

The COS says the identity of those involved is still sought, noting that it’s an offence to discharge a firearm while a boat is under power. In fact, under BC law, the fine for doing so is $575.

Officials say those who hunt migratory birds with a powerboat will face a $230 fine, with the penalty for unlawful possession of dead wildlife or parts also $230.

The COS asks anyone with information about the incident to call the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) line at 1 (877) 952-7277.

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