Sunday, July 21, 2024

Esquimalt crews working to contain oil spill in Gorge Creek


Booms are now floating along a popular creek in Esquimalt, as crews work to clear up an oil spill and contain any contamination.

On Tuesday afternoon, a local spotted what appeared to be oil near an outfall in Gorge Creek by Craigflower Road, according to the township.

Crews are currently investigating the area’s drain network but say it’s too early to pinpoint the source of the oil.

Still, Esquimalt officials are sending out reminders to locals, urging them to keep harmful materials out of stormwater drains.

“The material eventually enters aquatic environments and can have negative effects on plants, wildlife and pets. Paints, oils and other hazardous materials need to be disposed of properly,” states a media release.

The township requests the public’s patience as crews work to identify and mitigate the oil spill. It’s also asking people to provide crews with space as they complete their work.

Anyone who spots a spill or notices the risk of one occurring should call the province’s environmental emergency line at 1 (800) 663-3456. This is known as the initial report or Dangerous Goods Incident Report, the province explains.

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