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Here’s where you can find cherry blossoms in and around Victoria (MAP)


Spring is just around the corner, and that means the return of sunshine, warmer weather and one of Victoria’s favourite floral phenomenons—cherry blossoms!

In March trees that line the city streets come alive with the beautiful pink flowers that are a sure sign the new season is on its way, and we’re lucky to have a long list of local spots where you can see it happen.

The City of Victoria has created an interactive map of where all of the blossoms are located, and you can check it out online—but on top of that, we’ve actually compiled a list of some of our own favourite spots to catch the blooms in and around town.

The blooms usually only stick around for the month of March—and some may not even be out yet—but don’t hesitate in getting out to see all of the bountiful blossoms in person!

Without further ado, here’s a list of our top cherry blossom-viewing spots in and around Victoria:

1. View Street

Always one of the first locations to bloom, View street turns pink as early as the first week of February! (ItkasanImages)
(Ethan Morneau / Victoria Buzz)

2. Menzies Street

Our favourite tree on Menzies street on the grounds of the Parliament Buildings. (ItkasanImages)

3. Helmcken House and Thunderbird Park

The grounds of Helmcken House and Thunderbird Park are full of bloom by mid-February. (ItkasanImages)

4. Avalon Road, across James Bay Inn

We love this spot across from the James Bay inn! Relax under the blossoms on the bench at the end of Avalon road. (ItkasanImages)

5. Montreal Street

The entire length of Montreal street is a sight to behold in February! (ItkasanImages)

6. Clarence Street

Clarence Street between Simcoe and Niagara is one of those neighbourhood treasures when the blossoms arrive. (ItkasanImages)

7. Croft Street

Croft street just near Thirfties in James Bay is a perfect spot to go for a quick wander under the blossoms. (ItkasanImages)

8. Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park is usually dotted with pretty trees in bloom by mid to late February. (ItkasanImages)

9. South Turner Street

South Turner is a March bloomer, and possibly James Bay’s most famous street in spring! (ItkasanImages)

10. Richmond Avenue

Richmond Ave as it heads down toward Gonzales is one of the most beautiful roads in February. (ItkasanImages)

11. Meares Street

Meares Street is just a stone’s throw from downtown, full of blossoms at the end of February. (ItkasanImages)

12. McKenzie Street

McKenzie street is a slice of Cook Street heaven, blossoming beautifully. (ItkasanImages)

13. Oliphant Avenue

Tucked between Cook St and Beacon Hill Park, Oliphant Avenue makes for a perfect spring stroll. (ItkasanImages)

14. Gonzales Avenue

Gonzales Ave just off Richmond Ave is another beautiful Rockland street. (ItkasanImages)

15. Revercomb Place

Revercomb Pl is one of those magical little streets that bursts into bloom come February. (ItkasanImages)

16. Ross Bay Cemetery

Ross Bay Cemetery is full of trees in bloom and makes for a serene late afternoon spring wander. (ItkasanImages)

17. Fairfield Road

Fairfield road passing by Margaret Jenkins Elementary is a beautiful spring drive. (ItkasanImages)

18. Wildwood Avenue

Wildwood Avenue bursting with blossoms that go down to the view of the sea. (ItkasanImages)

19. Trutch Street

Take a romantic March stroll along Trutch street, just outside of Cook street village. (ItkasanImages)

20. Moss Street

Fairfield’s most famous stretch of blossoms, Moss street usually bursts into bloom in March. (ItkasanImages)

21. Harbinger Avenue

Running parallel to Moss and Trutch is delightful Harbinger Avenue. Usually, in bloom come March. (ItkasanImages)

22. Fifth Street

Fifth street behind Quadra Elementary school all the way down to Hillside Ave is perfect in February. (ItkasanImages)

23. Playground behind Quadra Elementary School

The playground behind Quadra Elementary nestled between Finlayson street and Fifth street, would have to be one of the prettiest around at the end of February. (ItkasanImages)

24. Tolmie Avenue

Tolmie avenue makes for a scenic late February drive. (ItkasanImages)

25. Glasgow Avenue

Between Tolmie Ave and Finlayson Ave, Glasgow Ave is a little piece of suburban blossom magic! (ItkasanImages)

26. Alder Street

Just across from Mayfair Mall, and of Tolmie is Alder street, bursting with late February blooms. (ItkasanImages)

27. Princess Avenue

Princess Avenue running past George Jay Elementary all the way to North Park’s Crystal Pool, is bursting with blossoms, as is Queens Avenue on the other side of the school. (ItkasanImages)

28. Vining Street

Vining street has some lovely old trees that blossom in late February to early March. (ItkasanImages)

29. Stanley Avenue

Just around the corner from Fernwood Square, is pretty Stanley Avenue, usually in bloom by late February. (ItkasanImages)

30. Stanley Avenue – lower end, toward Begbie Street

The lower end of magical Stanley Avenue, toward Begbie. In bloom usually by late February. (ItkasanImages)

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