Sophia Taylor

A Vancouver Island mother is breathing a sigh of relief now that her daughter is back home, after a traumatic 20-foot fall left the toddler in hospital with serious injuries.

Sophia Taylor, the three-year-old who suffered a fractured skull after falling through a railing at Ladysmith’s Transfer Beach Park, was released from Vancouver Children’s Hospital last Friday.

“She’s doing absolutely amazing,” said Selina Taylor, Sophia’s mom. “Especially since we’re home, Sophia’s come out of her shell, and she’s walking, talking, playing, being her old self.”

It was a hospital stay that lasted nearly a month, after the February 12th incident left Sophia in a lot of pain, according to Selina, prompting dad David Taylor to take time off work.

In a previous interview with Victoria Buzz, Selina recalled Sophia’s first words when waking up in hospital—“Daddy” and “I love you.”

And it was those words that offered the family a glimmer of hope.

Still, the community saw the Taylors were in need and came together to show their support for injured Sophia—many donating to the GoFundMe page Aid in Sophia’s recovery.

As of Tuesday afternoon, nearly $49,000 has been raised by over 800 donors, and Selina says the funds will go towards lost income and any future care Sophia may require.

“And then if she needs any help down the road with schooling and stuff like that,” Selina said.

“[Donors] have helped tremendously,” she told Victoria Buzz. “It has been a huge blessing, and we’re really, really grateful for all their help.”

And while it’s a relief Sophia’s back home in Crofton, it’s also an added stress, Selina says, for both herself and dad David. 

“She’s around her three other siblings, and she’s still healing and everything, and making sure she doesn’t fall down the stairs and so on and so forth,” Selina said.

At the end of the day, the stay-at-home mom says the goal is to ensure Sophia is safe and sound and doesn’t injure herself again.

“There’s still some speech therapy that she needs and some fine motor skills, along with a little bit of balance,” Selina added.

“But she’s doing fantastic.”

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