(CNW Group/Tim Hortons)

Tim Hortons is stepping up its breakfast menu.

The company announced they’re adding two new items made with a plant-based alternative, joining a variety of other fast-food restaurants to expand their menu options to include more meat alternatives. 

The Harvest Breakfast Sandwich and Harvest Farmer’s wrap are made with plant-based Impossible sausage and 100% Canadian freshly cracked egg. 

The Harvest Breakfast Sandwich is made with an english muffin, topped with chipotle sauce, egg, processed cheese and Impossible sausage.

The Harvest Farmers Wrap is made with chipotle sauce, egg, cheddar cheese and Impossible sausage.

Last year, Tim Hortons launched a series of quality improvement initiatives across their breakfast menu, including the introduction of freshly cracked eggs and a new crispier, naturally smoked bacon, plus new English Muffins, biscuits and hash browns.

Now, they are looking to satisfy those who are seeking plant-based meat alternatives with two new additions to their menu. 

“We’re always considering how we can improve our menu based on feedback and we know many of our guests are looking for a plant-based alternative in their breakfast sandwich that’s equally delicious,” said Chef Tallis Voakes, Director of Culinary Innovation for Tim Hortons.

“The plant-based Impossible Sausage is another craveable option for all our guests – but we’re really happy to be meeting a need for those who have been asking for a plant-based alternative in their Tims breakfast sandwiches and wraps.”

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