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Athletes rejoice!

Construction of a massive new multi-sport facility at Centennial Park in Central Saanich starts next year, according to district officials.

The district announced Tuesday that the Centennial Multi-Sport Box will host various sports and recreation programs and accommodate many user groups.

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Boasting a 17,000 sq. ft surface, the enclosed facility will be home to the Peninsula Warriors Lacrosse Association and used for other sports and fitness programs, offering “year-round, all-weather outdoor recreational activities.”

Mayor Ryan Windsor says Central Saanich council is “extremely pleased” to be adding the facility to the community. He says it will “add more opportunities for recreation in all seasons.”

“The pandemic has shown us the advantages of having outdoor, covered spaces that are multi-functional, and has also reinforced the physical and mental health benefits of recreation,” said Windsor.

The new facility will be built where a 40-year-old lacrosse box currently stands. “The project will also include adding walkways from the lawn bowling facility and Wallace Road,” the district added.

Central Saanich is receiving a $2 million grant from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program to help with building costs. Any remaining costs will be paid via the district’s reserve funds.

Preliminary work on the project will begin this spring, and detailed design and costing should come later this year. 

Construction of the facility will begin in 2023.


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