(Victoria Buzz)

For the second day this week, numerous routes on the Victoria Regional Transit System are bracing for trip cancellations and a lack of drivers is to blame, according to BC Transit.

A total of 17 service advisories have been issued locally on Thursday, with transit-goers travelling to and from the University of Victoria (UVic) facing the greatest impact.

All advisories are posted to BC Transit’s website, including Route 4 – Downtown from UVic / UVic from Fairfield and Blanshard with 30 cancelled trips today, as Route 15 – Dockyard from UVic / UVic from Dockyard sees 21 trips axed.

Meanwhile, 17 cancelled trips are listed under Route 26 – UVic from Dockyard / Dockyard from UVic, with eight trips scraped on both Route 14 – UVic from Vic General / Vic General from UVic and Route 11 – Tillicum from UVic / UVic from Tillicum.

On Tuesday, BC Transit said it was actively recruiting transit operators but warned its customers that upcoming trip cancellations throughout the Victoria area were likely due to a driver shortage.

It was back in November when BC Transit implemented a vaccination policy for all employees, noting the health and safety of customers and drivers was its top priority.

Find the complete list of BC Transit service advisories for Greater Victoria online here.

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