Starbucks Canada just launched a new chocolate cold brew drink and it is supposed to taste like a sip of melted ice cream!

As demand for iced coffee grows, Starbucks announced they have added a new cold coffee drink with a chocolate twist: the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew—which, despite its seasonal rollout, will actually be joining Starbucks’ permanent menu.

The drink features cold brew coffee topped with a “light, sweet and silky” chocolate cream cold foam and is sweetened with vanilla syrup. The new offering is inspired by “nostalgic summer moments,” Starbucks said in a press release.

“When creating this beverage, we wanted to bring our customers a drink that would transport them back to their favourite summer memories with each sip,” said Rosalyn Batingan of Starbucks beverage development team.

“The classic combination of coffee and chocolate is reminiscent of a chocolate milkshake or that last bit of melted chocolate ice cream on a warm summer day to recreate the sweet, creamy flavour of summers past.”

Prices for a grande chocolate cream cold brew start at $4.75.

Along with the new drink, Starbucks is also adding bacon, sausage and egg wrap and southwest potato, Black Bean and egg wrap to the permanent menu.

The company said both wraps are made with cage-free scrambled eggs and deliver the perfect morning flavour to start your day.

The new menu items are available now. Let us know your review!

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