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It’s important to follow the rules of the road and use extra caution behind the wheel, especially in a bustling and bike-friendly city like Victoria.

So says ICBC, as it points to data highlighting Victoria’s ten most notorious intersections for vehicle accidents. Together, they’ve totalled over 2,000 crashes in recent years, leading to either injury or death.

Between 2016 and April 2021, Douglas Street at Finlayson Street took the top spot, recording a total of 275 crashes within that time frame, according to ICBC.

Closer to downtown, it finds Blanshard Street at Bay Street followed behind with 259 crashes, while Blanshard Street at Hillside Avenue saw 249.

Here’s the complete top 10 list:

  1. Douglas St. at Finlayson St. – 275 crashes
  2. Blanshard St. at Bay St. – 259 crashes
  3. Blanshard St. at Hillside Ave. – 249 crashes
  4. Hillside Ave. at Shelbourne St. – 223 crashes
  5. Douglas St. at Gorge Rd. East – 217 crashes
  6. Blanshard St. at Finlayson St. – 201 crashes
  7. Bay St. at Quadra St. – 173 crashes
  8. Hillside Ave. at Quadra St. – 149 crashes
  9. Burnside Rd. at Harriet Rd. – 142 crashes
  10. Bay St. at Cook St. – 138 crashes

But of course, crashes extend far beyond busy intersections.

More recently, four people were sent to hospital following a multi-vehicle collision in Victoria’s Fairfield neighbourhood near downtown, according to Victoria Police.

On Tuesday, May 10th at around 4:30 p.m., VicPD responded to the intersection of Quadra Street at Fairfield Road after a black SUV struck vehicles and a pedestrian before colliding with a building.

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Though triggered by a medical incident, the crash comes as ICBC and police across BC hold a month-long campaign to warn drivers that speeding can have tragic consequences, even in ideal road conditions.

On Vancouver Island specifically, data finds an average of 25 speed-related crashes causing injury or death occur now through summer.

Reflecting on these alarming stats, Sgt. Damian Kowalewich with Saanich Police says there’s “never a good reason to speed and put others at risk on the roads.”

“Anything requiring speeding or getting to a location quicker really needs to involve emergency services,” Kowalewich told Victoria Buzz, following a reckless driving incident recently caught on dashcam on the Pat Bay Highway.

“Drive defensively, plan ahead, leave early and respect each other on the road so that we can all get to where we need to go safely.”

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