More changes are coming to Langford!

On Tuesday, the City of Langford, in partnership with multiple stakeholders, announced they had purchased an additional 1.35 acres of land to expand Veterans Memorial Park. 

The land, located at 679 Goldstream Avenue, 2815 Aldwynd Road and 678/680 Fairway Avenue were previously owned by the Masonic Lodge. 

The expansion will not only double the size of the existing park, but also protect it as a greenspace for Langford residents. 

“The additional one-acre of parkland in downtown Langford will provide Langford residents with more greenspace and creates another area for public markets and events. We are grateful to the developers who have been investing in Langford as it allows us to purchase this land at no cost to the taxpayer,” said Langford Mayor, Stew Young. 

“The expansion of Veterans Memorial Park will give community organizations such as the Langford Legion a place to hold notable events like Remembrance Day. This project is another example of Council’s commitment to adding more greenspace in Langford for all to enjoy.”

Park expansion will begin in 2023 and include the closure of Aldwynd Road to Goldstream Avenue. Only construction traffic will be permitted through Aldwynd Road access to Goldstream Avenue.

There are  also plans to install a sidewalk along one side of Fairway Avenue to provide safe pedestrian access to and from the park.

The expansion will protect the large sequoia tree located next to the existing Lodge as well as all mature trees on-site, which will be retained and incorporated into the new park design.

“The Goldstream Masonic Hall Association and its associated Goldstream Masonic Lodge is pleased to announce it has agreed to sell its Lodge Hall and land located at 679 Goldstream Avenue, along with three adjacent lots to the City of Langford. This will allow the City to expand Veterans Memorial Park for the enjoyment of the entire community,” said Aaron Weisgerber, President, Goldstream Masonic Lodge.

“The Association wants to thank the citizens of Langford, and the City administration for working on this collaborative project, and for their support over the past 75+ years. We look forward to continuing to contribute to the benefit of this great community.”

The Masons will relocate to Bryn Maur Road, and feature a Masonic Lodge room, dining, and meeting hall on the second floor of the building, available for rent by the public.

Construction on the new building will commence in the coming months.

The park expansion will be completed by the end of 2024, with the goal to be done in time for the annual holiday light-up.

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