(Save Old Growth/Twitter)

On Tuesday, June 21st, a Save Old Growth protester wheat-pasted the Ministry of Forests, Land and Resources office with Red Cedar shavings. 


Over the past year, Save Old Growth demonstrators have executed multiple protests, blocking traffic during peak hours.

The short clip, posted to Twitter, shows the front doors of the government office splattered with red cedar shavings. Amongst the shavings, one protestor sits with a ‘Save Old Growth’ sign.

Sophie, the protestor, said completing her action was very satisfying. 

“I just want to say the government doesn’t care that I’m doing this,” Sophie said. 

“The government doesn’t care that we’re blocking you in traffic. They don’t care. They don’t care [that] my friend was hurt in traffic last Monday and they sure as heck don’t care about Old Growth forests.”

Last week, a demonstrator against old-growth logging was taken to hospital with a “life-changing” injury after falling from a ladder erected along the highway’s northbound lane, near Tsehum Harbour Park in North Saanich, after a commuter snapped a support beam.

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“If you want them to do something about that and you want them to get us out of traffic and on your way on the road, and protect old growth forests, you have to do something about it,” Sophie pleaded to the public.

No arrests were made.

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