A 13.8-pound black bear cub who its found way into a Campbell River home through a cat door earlier this week is now being cared for by a Vancouver Island wildlife rescue centre.

The now-orphaned bear cub snuck into the home after becoming separated from its mother.

Staff with the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre said the bear was scared and looking for safety.

Once inside the home, the bear took refuge behind a house plant.

The homeowner called the BC Conservation Officer Service, which retrieved the orphan and brought it to the rescue centre.

Staff say the cub appears to be a good candidate for rehabilitation, and shows no signs of habituation to humans.

It’ll likely spend at least a year at the facility before being released back into the wilderness.

The non-profit organization relies on public donations and is asking for hthe form of blankets, sardines and fresh eggs.

Anyone interested in donating is asked to drop items off at the centre or visit its website for more information.

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