Have you ever wondered where your university ranks compared to institutions around the world?

According to a new ranking by Top Universities, which compared 1,500 universities from across the world, University of Victoria made it into the top 500!

The report ranks post-secondary institutions based on academic reputation, employer reputation, citations per faculty, faculty student ratio, international students ratio, international research network and employment outcomes, resulting in a score out of 100. 

According to the results, the University of Victoria ranked 349 out of 1,500 with a score of 30.5, ranking highest in international student ratio. 

Last year, UVic ranked 334th, in 2021 they ranked 370th and in 2020 they ranked 364th.

This year’s report featured some impressive rankings by other Canadian universities, such as McGill in 31st, University of Toronto in 34th and the University of British Columbia in 47th place.

You can view the full list here.

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