Police Oak Bay
(Photo by Sheenagh Morrison/Facebook)

An Oak Bay Police officer conducting traffic enforcement on Foul Bay Road at Newton Street caught an 18 year-old-old speeding and without a driver’s license.

On July 20th, the officer observed a vehicle travelling 74 km/h in a 50 zone and pulled over the driver.

The vehicle was stopped and the 18-year-old driver did not have a driver’s licence, and he was issued a ticket for speeding, driving without a licence, and failing to produce insurance.

The driver told police he would leave the vehicle parked and arrange for someone to come pick it up. A short time later after the officer had returned to traffic enforcement, the driver was seen driving the vehicle away.

The officer pulled over the driver again and issued another ticket for driving without a licence.

It’s unclear how this will impact the driver getting an actual driver’s license in the future.

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