Friday, June 14, 2024

CRD acquires 9.8 hectares of land to expand Mill Hill Regional Park in View Royal


Mill Hill Regional Park is expanding, with the purchase of an additional 9.8 hectares of adjacent land by the CRD. 

The four parcels of land, which include coastal Douglas-fir forests and arbutus stands, were purchased from View Royal for $927,500.

View Royal is planning to reinvest the funds from the purchase of this land into the acquisition of other park land.

“Mill Hill Regional Park is one of the most significant Garry Oak sites in the region and represents one of the highest concentrations of plant species at risk in British Columbia,” said Colin Plant, CRD Board Chair. 

“This additional land helps to complete the Mill Hill Regional Park boundary and acts as a protective buffer for some of the high value rare plant species found there.”

The new park land was purchased through the Land Acquisition Fund. 

The CRD, with partner support, has acquired approximately 4,800 hectares of land through the fund since it was established in 2000.

“This sale to the CRD simply makes a lot of sense,” said David Screech, Town of View Royal’s Mayor. 

“It ensures continued public ownership of open space and the long-term management and maintenance by an organization that is well-equipped to take on this responsibility – a win-win not only for View Royal’s residents, but also for those in the entire region.”

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