Friday, June 14, 2024

Man attempts to flee police after Victoria dealership catches on to his fraud attempt


VicPD arrested a man on Saturday, only to discover he already had 79 court-ordered conditions, mostly related to fraud and identity theft.

On August 27th, officers were called to a car dealership in the 3000-block of Douglas Street after an employee had an interaction with a customer they deemed to be suspicious. 

According to the employee, the customer had applied for over $50,000 in financing using what appeared to be fraudulent means. 

The man returned to the dealership while officers were on scene and attempted to flee when they approached to speak with him. 

He was arrested after a short foot chase.

Officers searched the man and discovered he was in possession of several identity documents, belonging to numerous individuals.

The man refused to identify himself and was transported to VicPD cells.

Soon after, officers were able to determine the man’s identity, and learned he was wanted on both unendorsed and endorsed warrants by four separate police departments in the province.

In addition, the man also had 79 court-ordered conditions, mostly related to fraud and identity theft. 

These included prohibitions from possessing identity documents, as well as prohibitions on possessing drugs and alcohol, and a requirement to reside at an address in Abbotsford, BC.

Officers learned that the man was staying at a local hotel in a room booked using a stolen identity and paid for with a fraudulent credit card.

The man faces 85 total recommended charges including charges for identity theft, procuring and trafficking government documents, fraud over $5,000, obstruction of a police officer and 79 different breaches of various court-ordered conditions.

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