British Columbia Legislature (File Photo)

Much like when Macintosh changed their name to Apple, the BC Liberal party hope this brand change will help them come next election. 

The decision to potentially change their name came after a province-wide consultation with its membership in which several options were presented to the party’s members.

Following the consultation, BC United is what the Liberals decided as the possible replacement for their current name.

However, the new name is not yet set in stone.

Party members will have the opportunity to vote on the name change at the end of the year.

The name change idea was brought about by BC Liberal leader, Kevin Falcon who made the commitment at the party’s annual convention in June. Back then, two-thirds of the delegates voted in favour of considering a name change.

When it came to the matter of what the party would change their name to, over 2,000 suggestions were submitted over a three-month period.

“This has been a process driven by members from day one, and among thousands of name change suggestions, BC United emerged as the clear choice across the province,” said BC Liberal vice-president, Caroline Elliott in a media release.

The BC Liberal party announced that if the name change is approved by its party members, the new name will be implemented strategically and responsibly in respect to the next provincial election.

The 43rd British Columbia general election is set to be held on or before October 19th, 2024.

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