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Island of the Sea Wolves, a nature documentary series filmed on Vancouver Island is coming to Netflix on October 11th.

Canadian national treasure, Will Arnett is the narrator of the series. 

Local filmmaker, Maxwel Hohn, spent time in the thick of Vancouver Island’s rainforests to capture footage of the incredibly unique and diverse wildlife that inhabit the island alongside us humans.

He is an award winning cinematographer and filmmaker who is also known for his series Call of the Coastal Wolves and Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration.

The new series that will be coming to Netflix shortly focuses on the Vancouver Coastal sea wolf, a subspecies of grey wolf and known to Vancouver Island. 

Island of the Sea Wolves

‘Island of the Sea Wolves’ comes to Netflix October 11th. The series showcases some of Vancouver Island’s most incredible wildlife like you’ve never seen before. I spent most of last year filming and working on a dozen shoots taking place all over my own backyard! From underwater to FPV and aerial filming. From long lens to macro, remote cams to hides, snorkelling to rebreathers. This series expanded my skill set – and my understanding of Canada’s natural beauty. I can’t wait for you all to see the amazing work in this series. It was an phenomenal experience, with an incredible team I’m proud to be a part of:Jeff Turner, Chelsea Turner, Alex Burr, Lou Ferguson, Armen Evrensel, Kai Meyer, Matthew Muncaster, Jacques Russo, Jack Gawthrop, Lynn Fuhr, Matt Hood, Sam Eilis, Adam Ravetch, Maxwel Hohn, Darren West, Robin Smith, Dave Pearson, Kieran O’Donovan, James Frystak, Russell Clark, Tynan Callesen, Shane Craver, Beau Llewellyn, Casey Dubois, Cam Scott-Trask, Ryan Tidman, Mark McGovern #islandoftheseawolves #vancouverisland #netflix #seaotters #marmots #eagles #nature #wildlife #blackbears #wolves

Posted by Maxwel Hohn – Wildlife Filmmaker on Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The wolves are known because of their talents for swimming in our cold oceanic waters near Bella Bella. Their main food source is seafood which makes up 90% of its diet. 

A quarter of their seafood diet relies on salmon populations. The wolves also hunt seals and river otters. Foraging makes up part of their diet as well. They scour the beaches for barnacles, clams, herring eggs and whale carcasses.

Hohn did had the opportunity to film in his own backyard here on the island with underwater  and aerial filming using long lens, macro and remote cams.

He had to utilize hides, snorkelling and rebreathers to keep distance enough from the wildlife he was filming. 

This is the first time one of Hohn’s projects has been picked up by the streaming giant, Netflix, and hopefully it won’t be the last. 

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