(Port Alberni RCMP)

A Facebook post by Port Alberni RCMP, which has since been removed, sparked a lot of conversation online after it showed a police dog with titanium crowns on four of its teeth.

Last week, Port Alberni RCMP posted a message saying they were “thinking of our boy Jammer today as he is recovering from some dental work this morning.”

“Jammer is now the proud owner of four titanium teeth.”


The post didn’t include many details and not long after, a thread was made on Reddit which garnered thousands of comments and upvotes.

The reaction was heavily mixed which forced the detachment to remove the post and follow it up with more details surrounding the reason Jammer had to get an upgrade.

“Earlier this week this page posted about our police service dog Jammer. This post caused some confusion and misunderstanding. We would like to take some time to explain more about Jammer,” RCMP said in an updated Facebook post.

According to RCMP, Jammer underwent a dental procedure to replace four cracked canine teeth with titanium crowns and was not done for vanity purpose.

“Recently, during a routine visit to the veterinarian, it was learned that Jammer had several cracks in the enamel of his teeth. Left untreated, this could cause infection which could be fatal,” RCMP said in the post.

“To ensure Jammer’s health, his veterinarian recommended he receive crowns on the cracked teeth. This is a procedure similar to what your dentist would do. Jammer’s crowns are similar to his originals in size and shape.”

Jammer update:Earlier this week this page posted about our police service dog Jammer. This post caused some confusion…

Posted by Port Alberni RCMP on Friday, September 16, 2022

Port Alberni RCMP finished the post with an apology for any misunderstanding and confusion the original post may have caused.

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