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This iconic pink diner will replace Brentwood Bay’s former Sassy’s Restaurant


The rumour mill has been turning since the space that used to host Sassy’s started being spray painted pink this week.

While not officially confirmed, sources tell Victoria Buzz that Floyd’s Diner is coming to Brentwood Bay!

The eatery will replace Sassy’s, which was open for 43 years and brought a sense of community to the Peninsula, as well as all those flap-jacks.


Beloved Brentwood Bay restaurant to close after 43 years and three generations

Prior to the space being taken over by the Porter family, it was a run down closed-for-business diner in the late 70s.

“They said that the size of this building and the number of seats was not enough to make a profit or a decent living,” former owner Cory Porter told Victoria Buzz in a past interview.

Porter took four years to get the space ready to open its doors, but finally got it open in 1983 as the Porter House before the restaurant joined the Smitty’s chain.

In 2011, the Porter family who were still running the restaurant were struck by tragedy. A member of the family, Sapphira, passed away from a rare disease, leaving the Porters heartbroken.

The restaurant broke its ties with Smitty’s and re-opened under the name Sassy’s. Sassy was a nickname of their dear Sapphira.

(Victoria Buzz)

The restaurant closed its doors in August of this year, after 43 years of service when Porter decided to retire at 73-years-old. 

The space was put up for $195,000, and the lot it resided upon is slated for redevelopment in the near future. 

Despite the above, a trusted source told Victoria Buzz Tuesday morning that the old Sassy’s diner space is being taken over by another one of Victoria’s mainstay diners, Floyd’s.

At the time of this publication, the building is currently being spray painted Floyd’s iconic pink.

Victoria Buzz has reached out to Floyd’s Diner for official confirmation, but did not hear back by the time of this publication.

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