(Dustin Shea - Hollow Bamboo Entertainment)

Here’s your chance to take a trip back to Victoria in the 1950s with this found footage that was uncovered after nearly 70 years.

A local Victorian, Dustin Shea uncovered multiple reels of 8mm footage documenting ‘old Victoria’ and has since posted the footage on YouTube.

The footage shows areas of Beacon Hill Park in the first half and then shifts to the Gorge area for the annual rowing and canoeing regatta on the Gorge Waterway. 

Shea says this event was historically sponsored by, among others: the Victoria Rowing Club, Victoria Paddling Club and the James Bay Athletic Association.

Shea came into possession of the footage by his grandparents – Barb and Erwin Shea. His grandmother was the last of her generation and passed away recently.

Since her passing Shea has been uploading this old 8mm footage in hopes that some more details surrounding the footage will be revealed. 

He hopes to identify some of the people and specifics of when the footage was shot.

Shea says he has over an hour’s worth of footage in total that he has been going through since coming into its possession.

If you know anything about this footage or those who appear in it, let us know in the comments or email tips@victoriabuzz.com.

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