(Real Canadian Superstore, Langford/Photo by Rita Omogolor - Google)

Inflation has made a trip to the grocery store a frugal affair indeed.

On Monday, Loblaw Companies Ltd. made an announcement to help Canadians grocery shopping experience be less detrimental to their bank accounts.

Over 1,500 ‘no name’ branded goods will have their prices frozen until January 31st, 2023

No name goods can be found in many Canadian supermarkets and grocery stores. Within Greater Victoria, consumers can find their iconic yellow branding on the shelves of any Real Canadian Superstore or Shoppers Drug Mart.

“Anyone who regularly visits the grocery store knows that over the past year the cost of food has increased rapidly. Maddeningly, much of this is out of our control,” said Loblaw President and Chairman, Galen Weston in an email to millions of Canadians who subscribe to PC Optimum newsletters.

“We don’t know when this will end, but we do know that right now every cent matters.”

There are two Real Canadian Superstores on Southern Vancouver Island where no name products can be found. One is in Langford and one is in Nanaimo. 

In Greater Victoria there are 14 Shoppers Drug Marts where select no name products are available.