Thursday, July 25, 2024

BC Premier David Eby announces new provincial ministry to solely handle housing


Premier David Eby announced on Tuesday afternoon that housing would become its own ministry in BC.

The aim of giving housing its own ministry is to try to combat the current housing crisis in the province. 

Prior to this new ministry, the Minister of Attorney General and Responsible for Housing, Murray Rankin spearheaded taking on the housing crisis under former premier John Horgan.

During his swearing-in ceremony last week, Eby announced two new credits for British Columbians to ease the pressures of inflation and housing costs. 

Eby also announced on Monday in a press conference—alongside Victoria Mayor Marianne Alto—a plan for creating more housing and removing red tape in approval projects for local housing initiatives.

The new laws Eby’s BC NDPs hope to pass will reduce the amount of vacant homes, remove age restrictions for strata housing such as condos, which will allow families with children access to buildings that were previously only for those who were 19-years-old or above and creating target goals for the municipalities who need new homes the most.


“For too many British Columbians, owning or even renting a good home feels out of reach,” Premier Eby said during the announcement for the Ministry of Housing. 

“The housing crisis deserves the attention of a full ministry and the resources that come with it. As premier, I am committed to making meaningful progress to make sure everyone in BC can afford a good home.”

This announcement was made by Eby during a speech to around 1,400 people at the Housing Central Conference at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel in Vancouver.

The new position of minister of housing will be announced by Premier Eby when he announces the rest of his cabinet on December 7th.

Curtis Blandy

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