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20 years later: Do you recognize these Victoria youth in YTV’s hit show Uh Oh! (PHOTOS/VIDEO)


20 years ago, pre-teens from Victoria came to compete in the hit show Uh-OH! 

Nickelodeon-inspired game show, Uh-Oh! spun off from the YTV comedy sketch variety show It’s Alive.

The show featured three rounds of competition where Canadian children competed for prizes. 

Three teams of two would spin the wheel to compete in a variety of mini games such as Mayhem, Speed Round, and The Dump.

The most dreaded mini-game was Uh-Oh where the team partner would be locked in a chamber and the player asked a multiple-choice trivia question.

Every right answer awarded the team 50 points. 

Wrong answers resulted in The Punisher — a man armoured in black– dumping a bucket of goo over the losing team’s tribute.

The second round of the show was called the slime tour. 

This segment was held in different cities across Canada. At the time, a young Shaun Majumder – now a cherished Canadian comedian– was known by fans of the show as the Slime Master. 

Majumder and his assistants held an obstacle course where three kids would compete for points.

Uh Oh’s 74th episode, in particular, made a special stop in Victoria. 

Three of the city’s mightiest competitors included “Terrific” Tharani,  “Coo Coo” Katie, and “Rad” Rhys who competed for coveted bragging rights.

(Uh Oh! from YTV)
(Uh Oh! from YTV)
(Uh Oh! from YTV)

All three competed valiantly though Katie came out victorious.

Spanning six seasons, Uh Oh! remains the third longest-running show aired on YTV, behind Hit List and Video & Arcade Top 10, both of which aired for nearly 15 years.

If you were there that day or have fond childhood memories of watching Uh Oh!, leave a comment regarding your experience.

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