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Victoria man wins $100,000 and plans to take a very special lady for dinner


A Victoria man is celebrating a big win after playing BCLC’s Bingo Grand Scratch & Win game.

Alan Parfett was taken aback upon realizing he scored the top prize of $100,000.

“I hadn’t finished scratching the card yet and when I scanned it on my phone I thought, ’that can’t be right,’” he recalled.  “I had to check it again and again!”

Parfett purchased his ticket at the Save-On-Foods on Pandora Avenue in Victoria.

The first person he told about his big win was his neighbour. “He said, ‘Fantastic! Congratulations,’” according to Parfett.

To celebrate, Parfett said he’s going to “take a very special lady for dinner,” and he’s looking forward to the extra financial cushion the win has given him.

Parfett said that he has dreams of buying an island and giving away money to charity if he ever hit a million-dollar jackpot so he’ll continue to play until he hits that dream.

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