Friday, February 23, 2024

This adorable grumpy-faced pooch is up for adoption in Victoria


Victoria’s very own grumpy dog is in need of a new home!

Joey, a brindle boxer mix, is up for adoption, and staff at the Victoria Humane Society(VHS) say he’s actually quite affectionate despite his resting grumpy face.

“Could Joey be the next internet sensation?” VHS asked on Facebook, comparing him to Tardar Sauce, an internet famous feline who was nicknamed Grumpy Cat due to her underbite and dwarfism.

Having spent time with an older dog with anxiety in his previous home, the owner decided it was best to place Joey up for adoption after realizing he was picking up much of the behavior.

“He is clearly a follower and constantly looks up to our dog for cues about what to do and has been doing much better,” read the post.

The VHS hopes they can find a permanent home for the young dog who can partner up with another dog similar in age that is confident and is able to play with him. 

“Joey knows basic tricks and is house-trained. He is eager to please but not particularly food motivated. He loves our older teenage kids but, because of his size, could knock over younger kids,” said VHS on Facebook.

For those interested in adopting Joey, they can apply online through the Victoria Humane Society.

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