It turns out shouting your opinion into the endless void that is the internet sometimes works. 

After thousands of outraged Victorians shared their thoughts on Thetis Lake Regional Park’s newly proposed sign, the Capital Regional District has rescinded their plan to remove and replace the existing sign. 

As of this publication, the CRD’s Facebook post had over 1,000 comments, Twitter had 165, Instagram had 133 and Reddit had 226 comments.


In an update to their original post on Facebook revealing the new sign design, the CRD made the following statement:

“You spoke, we listened. We’ve heard and appreciate the passion that has been expressed regarding the Thetis Lake Regional Park log sign and we are reassessing our plans to replace this sign.”

“The initial decision to remove it was not taken lightly. The log sign has been a friendly and welcoming presence at Thetis Lake for many decades.”

“You can continue to follow us on our social accounts for updates about the future of the log and other parks signage. Thank you again for your heartfelt feedback.”

“The sign will stay in place until a decision can be made on how to move forward.”

Through all the very blunt sharing of opinions with the CRD, one post gave Victorians the dose of nostalgia they wanted. 

The daughter of the artist of the original sign shared what it looked like initially after being hand carved by her father.

The resemblance of the original sign still shines through in the existing one. 

Are you team old sign or new? Let us know!