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Curt’s Cocktail Corner: A pink rose gin drink for Valentine’s Day


Roses wither and die. 

That’s what my dad always says about buying flowers, but it doesn’t stop him from making my mom’s Valentine’s Day one full of flowers and fun. 

But if you want to mix things up, This one’s for you. 

Instead of being predictable and giving your partner a boring flower, get them a Valentine’s Day pink drink made with Dillon’s Rose Gin.

This one is a riff on a classic, the French 75. 

The French 75 is already an inherently romantic cocktail, given that one of the main ingredients is champagne (or prosecco if you’re on a budget).

What can we possibly do to make this a little more romantic? Well let’s make the base spirit an already amazing gin that’s had rose petals infused into it’s flavour profile.

If you were planning breakfast in bed with mimosas, this is an easy level up that will earn you some extra tender loving, guaranteed.

Here’s how to make a Rose French 75.


  • 2 oz – Dillon’s Rose Gin (or some other rose gin, it’s got to have rose in it though or it just won’t do)
  • 4 (ish) oz – sparkling wine/champagne/Prosecco (whatever you can afford)
  • ¼ oz – lemon juice
  • 2-3 dashes – Angostura bitters
  • Garnish – lemon peel


  • In a pint glass or a mixing glass, combine the rose gin, bitters and lemon juice
  • Add ice and stir well to chill 
  • Pour mixture into a champagne flute or whatever the fanciest cocktail glass you have (your valentine deserves the best)
  • Add the bubbly wine! You don’t have to use exactly four ounces, just top it up and maybe do a taste test 
  • Add lemon twist garnish (remember to make it look pretty)

Let me know in the comments if your partner enjoyed it! Hopefully it adds to a nice, romantic Valentine’s (Day) weekend!

Just remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

Curtis Blandy

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