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Victoria brewery creates island’s first AI-generated beer using ChatGPT (VIDEO)


One of Victoria’s finest craft beer watering holes has gone off the deep end. 

Whistle Buoy Brewing Company created their latest beer in an unconventional and experimental way—allowing an artificial intelligence (AI) to come up with the recipe.

‘Robo Beer’ is a hazy pale ale created by ChatGPT, an AI that is meant to be used for improving content creation in a user-friendly way. Since it went viral on the internet, ChatGPT has been used for writing songs, kids books and now, beer recipes.

“It’s a brave new world with the introduction of ChatGPT to the masses,” said a Whistle Buoy spokesperson in a media release. 

“Since the tool came out in November 2022, we’ve been playing around with the AI chatbot to test its ability to write things like product descriptions for our website, social media captions, or dumb jokes about beer.”

“We decided to take it a step further and asked it to write us a beer recipe for a hazy pale ale, and 10 seconds later, there it was, a full recipe that actually made sense.” 

The final product is a unique hazy pale ale made with mosaic, citra and el dorado hops that give the beer a juicy, tropical refreshing treat.

The Whistle Buoy team is admittedly “becoming increasingly lazy,” so they also turned to the free AI to generate all of the marketing for its creation. 

“We can’t give AI all the credit though, us humans were required to collaborate with the powerful machines to steer the product in the right direction and because we still have useful things like hands, judgment, and empathy,” said Whistle Buoy.

“As you can see from this video, the art is far from perfect, as animator Ryan Steele can attest to, it’s challenging getting the AI to produce art in a specific way.”

Steel explained that it’s tricky to control the AI as it literally has a mind of its own. 

“As it stands right now, I do not fear an AI overthrow of the human race,” said Steel.

Robo Beer is now available in Whistle Buoy Brewing Company’s Market Square taproom on draught and in cans which can also be bought through their online store. 

Curtis Blandy

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