Friday, June 14, 2024

25 things Victorians want to see more of throughout Greater Victoria


On Friday, the Victoria Buzz team took to Facebook asking Greater Victoria residents what they believe the capital of the province needs more of. 

After nearly 800 comments were received, those eager to share their thoughts suggested various areas of improvement including affordable housing, mental health support as well as kindness and community.

For those curious as to what others had to say, here are 25 suggestions that many Victorians have on their mind:

  1. Affordable housing for the middle to lower class
  2. Indoor dog parks and a dog swimming center
  3. Respectful people 
  4. More green spaces 
  5. Fun and engaging programs for teens
  6. Bowling alley’s
  7. More nightlife, late night eateries and entertainment
  8. drive in movies
  9.  IKEA
  10. Easy to access (and affordable) mental health support
    • “It is not okay that people have to check into a psych emergency to be taken seriously and even then it’s a battle.”
  11. Doctors. 
    • “I spent 6 hours in the ER today and it was full to the brim. We didn’t *need* the ER (tick bite on my 6-year-old’s head) but there were no other options,” said Devon Carruthers.
  12. Music venues!!
  13. A public outdoor pool with oceanfront views
  14. “Let’s be the first city who cares of the homeless start helping instead of judging.. we’re all humans let’s start acting,” said Gloria Salt
  15. 24 hrs coffee shops
  16. “Victoria needs a subway or a high speed train from Sidney to downtown and from downtown to Westshore. Traffic has been crazy!” said Ana Nolasco.
  17. Adequate shelters for the homeless
  18. A good freaking clean up of crime!
  19. Swiss Chalet 
    • “Seriously, why did it close? This is the geriatric capital of Canada!” Said Ash Bhoglamb.
  20. Trees, more trees, all the trees
  21. Rapid transit to the airport, ferries, and up Island
  22. A fully staffed detention center/jail to keep criminals in custody until the court date
  23. Roads that don’t take out my tires or the undercarriage of my car
  24. Indoor places to go that don’t close at 4 p.m.
  25. “More kindness and community,” said Wendy Tibbo.

What do you think Greater Victoria needs more of? Let us know in the comment section!

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